Name: Marco Masia, PhD

Major: Physical Chemistry

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Contact Details:
Dipartimento di Chimica e Farmacia
Università degli studi di Sassari
Via Vienna 2
07100, Sassari (Italy)
e-mail: marco.masia at


After my master degree in Physical Chemistry at the University of Sassari (november 2000), I spent four years at the Departamento de Fisica i Enginyeria Nuclear of the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (Spain) for my PhD studies; during this period I also spent three months at the Institut fuer Ionenphysik und Angewandte Physik at the Innsbruck University (Austria). Once having defended my  PhD thesis I was employed as Research Associate at the Lehrsthul fuer Theoretische Chemie of the Bochum University (Germany). At the end of 2006 I begun my activity as Research Assistant in the Dipartimento di Chimica at the University of Sassari (Italy). From february 2008 I am also member of the Sardinian Laboratory for Computational Materials Science (SLACS) of the INFM-CNR. In june 2008 I was awarded the prize for the best PhD thesis of 2006 in Applied Physics at the Polytechnic University of Catalunya. In December 2011 I was awarded the UNESCO prize "Chemistry in South East Europe" for the UN International Year of Chemistry Since June 2012 I am also Marie Curie International Ougoing Fellow at Frankfurt and Boston Universities.