On the first of July 2012 I started my three years appointment as Marie Curie Fellow for the project EASE (Energy trAnsfer in Supramolecular nanostructurEs). After having taken a leave from my University I have been employed by Goethe Frankfurt University and I am currently visiting scholar at Boston Univeristy. The target of the project is to study how energy transfer takes place in natural light harvesting complexes and in hybrid polymer/nanotube systems. This study requires a multiscale approach where classical Molecular Dynamics and TDDFT calculations are used to compute the parameters for Quantum Dynamics calculations; the latter will be performed with the PLDM code developed by the group of Prof. David Coker at Boston University, and with the MCTDH code developed by the group of Prof. Irene Burghardt at Frankfurt University.

Previous Highlights:
    December 2011: UNESCO Prize
    January 2011: JCP Cover
    June 2010: CECAM Workshop
    June 2009: Science paper

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